The Women

Barbara Antone – A Leader Who Made a Difference for Her People

Jane Bigelow – A Mayor of All the People

Helen Connell – A Journalist Who Put Women on the Front Page

Mary Duncan – A Public Health Nurse who Played a Pivotal Community Role

Jean Hewitt – An Educator who Challenged the System

Margaret Hoff – A Champion for Childcare

Carol Johnston – A Woman Who Made Her Dream a Reality By Founding the London Children’s Museum

Nancy Johnson – A Trailblazer in Television and Documentary Films

Mary McKim – The Doctor who Spoke for Women’s Choice

Paddy Musson – A Union Organizer who Fought Workplace Harassment

Kathleen Okruhlik – A Woman who Challenged the Academic World

Judith Potter – An Advocate for Abused Women

Maureen Riley – An Artist who Captured the Female Spirit

Eleanor Schnall – The Judge who Believed in Woman Power

Margaret Simpson – A Workshop Leader and Counsellor

Janet Stewart – A Lawyer Committed to Community Service

Arlene Timmens – A Social Worker Who Found Her Own Path

Fran Wigston – A Star Athlete and Coach